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What do I need to know when booking my florist?

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Well there are lots of things we as florists will ask you. I promise it's not an interigation.

We will work with you from the start to put together a personalised quote for you, so we would need to know what colour or theme you are trying to achieve.

We also need to know the colour and style of your dress, the bridesmaids dresses. We do ask a few awkward questions such as heights, hair colours and dress sizes. This is so we can get a good overall idea of the wedding party. This means we can get the bouquet sizes right as a smaller lady are larger lady need slightly different sized bouquets to help make your photos even. Dress shape dictates the styles of bouquet we would recommend both for you and your bridesmaids.

There is an awful lot of twoing and froing at this point, meetings, emails and calls. This is all part of the process to ensure we get it right.

But any florist will take the time to run through things with you until it's right. 

Budget plays a part for every couple be it large or small, so never be afraid to tell your florist you can't afford something. But do be aware of Pintrest, it is fantastic for ideas for colour themes and styles but can give people very unrealistic ideals when it comes down to cost. There are always ways to cut costs from the beautiful arrangements you may have seen, maybe less flowers or substituting for different types.

But the most important thing is to make sure you find a florist you trust, after all it's the most important day of your life. Make sure it's the right fit for you as a person and the style of work  to fit your dream day.

We are here to help with advice, recommendations on other suppliers but above all support to help ensure your day is all you wish it to be!

When do I book a florist?

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When do I book a florist?

So we get lots of enquiries for couples, sometimes months or years in advance of thier wedding date.

There are certain things you need to book before getting to a florist.  So start out with your venue, most importantly after that would be your photographer, as they get booked up a very long way in advance. Once you have these things in place then its time to start thinking about a florist, we also get bookings along way in advance.

Although it may seem early and you may not have finalised things like your dress it gives you plenty of time to visit different florists and find someone with a style you like.

What Is A Year of love?

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So what is a year of love?

This is a new service we are offering to bring joy to your loved ones for an entire year.

How does it work?

You get to choose how your 12 gifts are spread out throughout the year. So you could choose to  have a bouquet for valentines, mothers day and a birthday. Then spread the rest throught the year.

What choices do I get?

For each occasion you choose you will be given the option to choose between two bouquets, or plant gifts. At christmas you would be given the option to choose between a bouquet, a door wreath or table center for the christmas dinner table.

How much does this cost?

All this for a set price of £250. This could save you a whopping £70 over the course of a year and think of the joy you can bring to that special someone.

How much notice do you require to order?

All we ask is a minimum of 48hours notice to arrange your delivery.

Do they have to be to the same address or recipient?

The short answer is no, so long as the recipent is with 40 miles of Christchurch, Dorset, you can send these bouquets and gifts to whom ever your heart desires. But just remember you only get 12!!!

How do I pay?

So you can pay in one lump sum or spread the cost either 6 monthly or quarterly.

Perseption Vs Reality

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Wedding Floristry The Perception Vs Reality



So the most common misconception is that all florists just start adding zeros to the price tag as soon as the word wedding is uttered. Whilst there are florists who do charge excessively large amounts for their work, there are many who under value their worth.

To most people flowers look easy to work with and we constantly have people say well you only put them together and put a ribbon around it! If only it was that simple. There is so much more that the client never sees.

I am an event florist who specialises in wedding and funeral work, so my average day starts around 5am. Heading into a freezing workshop to fill the buckets ready for the incoming delivery. Each flower is stripped of its foliage, thorns, whilst being checked for imperfections. Then it’s checking the emails, updating people on payment plans and all the associated paperwork, just like any other business.

But even before this there is the time for a consultation, sometimes my day finishes at 7pm others 11pm. Once you have met your client it’s carefully putting together a quote for their dream flowers and then taking the time to order the best quality flowers for their order. This can take a couple of days or hours depending on what they require.

So back in the workshop we nurture the flowers, every flower takes a different length of time to open to that perfect pose, so we nurture and cajole them (sometimes for 7 or 8 days) until we are finally ready to work with them. Then we work our magic, finally all done? Not a chance, we then deliver them to our client sometimes in one place more often than not to several places on the morning of a wedding, helping the groomsmen on with their buttonholes, calming nerves, assuring the brides all is well and the venue will be beautiful. So off we rush to the choosen venue to transform a beautiful, sometimes plain room or space into the magical space they imagined. Sometimes it takes an hour others we can be there all day…Finished at last? No, its back to the workshop to clear up and empty the buckets, clean them all ready for their next use. All done? Really, no next day its back to the venue to collect our items usually a 7 or 8 am collection as the venue will be used that day. Then they need cleaning ready for their next use. Finally we are all finished.

So the next time you see a florists price or quote remember to take a closer look, have they charged you for their travel time? The extras they get asked to do? As a florist I love the job I do, I am passionate about flowers and making my brides dreams a reality. I feel I am privileged to work in a job where I spend 99% of my time making someone else happy!


Bouquet Questions

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What is a living vase?

A living vase means your flowers are delivered in water. This is a cello wrap then put into a gift box. This means your flower arrangement is ready to be displayed and shouldn't require any maintaince.

How long do my flowers last?

Your flowers are of the highest quality straight from the Dutch auctions. This means your flowers will last longer by as much as a week than supermarket bought flowers. If you make sure you place your flowers in a place where they are in sunlight but not too directly and are away from radiators your flowers should last a minimum of two weeks before they start to wain.

What is a hand ited bouquet?

A hand tied bouquet is exactly that. It means your flowers are already arranged and can be placed straight into a vase, no fuss. Traditionally styled bouquets are flat and mean you can arrange your flowers into a vase as you please.