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Valentines Day 2019

The difference between supermarket and florist flowers

This year don't get caught out by the super market flowers. Above on the left is an image of a high grade florist rose. It is beautiful, full and highly scented. It will bloom to full maturity and look amazing for approx 2 weeks. On the right is a supermarket rose, these are normally a lower quality and rarely fully bloom, have a tendency to droop and they also tend to have zero scent!  Buy from a local florist for beautiful long lasting arrangements that really make a statement and make someone feel extremely special, they look better, last longer and smell AMAZING!!!

Our range of valentines day gifts, bouquets and more.. From special proposal bouquets to romantic floral scene setting. 

Don't forget to book your spaces early for romantic scene settings or proposal set up's as spaces are limited!!!

All items are available now for pre order for delivery on 14th Feb.

Now on offer amazing fudge packs from Burley Fudge, who we are proud to be in association with. Hand made in the heart of the new forest.